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Policies & Forms

To be considered as a potential resident of our women's sober living home, you must submit an application. Upon application review, an in-person or phone interview will be scheduled to further discuss your information and needs. 

The Affinity House accepts applicants who have achieved one month of sobriety. We are willing to consider those who have not achieved the required sobriety on a case by case basis as we understand the many challenges women in recovery face. If we feel as though someone is detoxing unsafely in the home, we will call an ambulance to make sure they get the care they need. We proudly accept Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) residents. We are willing to put in the work and help you define your recovery plan and access the resources you need to be successful.


Below, you'll find downloadable documents regarding our House Rules and policies. Some to note are:


The Affinity House is a clean and sober living facility - drug and alcohol use are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule is cause for immediate discharge. All residents must attend a minimum 4 recovery meetings per week.


We have a zero tolerance policy which is supported by weekly and random drug and alcohol screenings.


No men (outside of contracted workers) are allowed in the sober home at any time.


We have a mandatory weekly sober house meeting Wednesdays at 6pm to reflect and prep the past and upcoming weeks.

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